15 Physical and Spiritual Benefits Of Bryophyllum pinnatum.

15 Physical and Spiritual Benefits Of Bryophyllum pinnatum.

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15 Physical and Spiritual Benefits Of Bryophyllum pinnatum.

Brief History About Bryophyllum pinnatum:

Scientific names known for Bryophyllum pinnatum are Bryophyllum calycinum Salisb., Cotyledon pinnata Lam., Crassula pinnata L. f., Kalanchoe pinnata (Lam.) Pers., Sedum madagascaricum Clus.

Common Names are air plant, Canterbury bells, cathedral bells, curtain plant, floppers, good luck leaf, green mother of millions, leaf of life, life plant, live leaf, live leaf plant, live plant, live-leaf, Mexican love plant, Mexican love plant, miracle leaf, resurrection plant.

15 Physical and Spiritual Benefits Of Bryophyllum pinnatum.
Bryophyllum pinnatum in a seedling planting bag.

It originates from Madagascar and southern Africa. A garden escape that is naturalised in tropical, sub-tropical and warmer temperate regions. It is a weed of gardens, parks, roadsides, railways lines, waste areas, coastal environs, creek-banks, open woodlands, forests and forest margins.

This plant reproduces by seed and also produces plantlets along the edges of its leaves. Its fleshy (i.e. succulent) leaves are capable of taking root and developing into new plants after being broken off the main plant or being dumped in garden.

15 Physical and Spiritual Benefits Of Bryophyllum pinnatum.
Bryophyllum pinnatum in a backyard garden.

Nutritional Value Of Bryophyllum pinnatum:

Bryophyllum pinnatum is a good source of carbohydrate, crude fibre, protein, calcium and potassium in both dry and fresh leaves of the plant.

pinnatum have a variety of uses in the traditional system of medicine in India. They are eaten for diabetes, diuresis, dissolving kidney stones, respiratory tract infections, as well as applied to wounds, boils, and insect bites. It is useful for preventing alcoholic, viral and toxic liver damages.

Preparation of Bryophyllum pinnatum:

They can be cooked or put raw in salads as well. Its leaves can be mashed or blended and the squeezed water is taken.

Dosage: 50ml to 100ml is taken twice daily for 7 to 10 days during treatment of ailment. It can be taken once a week for the prevention of sicknesses.

15 Physical and Spiritual Benefits Of Bryophyllum pinnatum.
15 Physical and Spiritual Benefits Of Bryophyllum pinnatum.

These are some health benefits you can derive from using this plant:

Bryophyllum pinnatum is called ‘Tan me a wu’, by native Ghanaians. Many refer to it as air plant, window adornment plant, unpracticed love, presence leaf, stay continually, shock leaf, or mending plant. Its name is Bryophyllum pinnatum.

1. The plant improves blood circulation and decreases circulatory pressure without a doubt as hindering kidney harm in individuals with unnecessary blood strain, among stand-out therapeutic advantages.

2. It has been said that the delicately cooked leaves are applied towards ailment, aggravations and a leaf blend is used for fevers through Creoles.

3. A blend of leaf juice with coconut oil is used as a response to complications and cerebral torments.

4. Some native individuals warmth the leaves and exercise them topically to air pockets and pores and skin ulcers.

5. In some parts of the world, it’s far executed to address harmed bones and inside injuries.

6. Implantation of leaves and stem in cool water is used by native families of Peru for heartburn infection, urethritis, fevers, and for a wide kind of respiratory conditions.

7. The blend is likewise used in epilepsy.

8. The leaves are expressed for their quieting and antidiabetic development, antihypertensive development, unfavourable to tumour movement.

9. Antiulcer prospects of local cure have been represented in exact coherent examinations.

10. We can do it in our homes to adapt to parasitic illnesses like ringworm.

Spiritual advantages of ‘Tan me a wu’ in the African setting:

1. ‘Tan me a wu’ ensures you towards otherworldly relationships.

2. Bryophyllum is used for favour, publicizing, the donation of money, etc.

3. Many African believes that the leaves keep witches from assaulting people when planted in their homes.

4. It’s far used to overturn curses.

5. Bryophyllum is used to strengthen a spell on an individual.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. Seek the help of a professional health practitioner.

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