Causes Of Breakup In Relationship And How To Maintain A Healthy Relationship

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Causes Of Breakup In Relationship And How To Maintain A Healthy Relationships.

Definition Of Relationship:

A relationship is a connection or bond between two or more people. These bonds are created in many ways and at any place. Some relationships occur naturally while others are situational.

The bond that exists between you and your mother is natural and cordial. But the one between you and a food vendor is situational.

Causes of breakup in relationship
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Types Of Relationships:

¶. Family Relationships: These are the relationship that exists between your parents or guardian, relatives, grandparents, uncles, aunties and other family members. It is a natural bond and mostly cordial.

¶. Friendships: These are the kind of relationship that exists between you and your neighbours, coworkers, classmates and others. It can be cordial depending on how the relationship was established.

¶. Romantic Relationships: These are bonds or unions that exist between married couples, would-be couples, a boy and a girl lover. This type of relationship is established through stages. Most of which starts with friendship and gradually develops into a romantic relationship.

In this article, we shall dive into romantic relationships. We shall discuss why relationships break up and ways to maintain a healthy one.

causes of breakup in relationship
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Causes Of Breakups In Relationships:

1. Personality Difference:

Personality usually refers to the qualities of an individual that makes him or her different from others. Everyone has a unique personality that makes them stand out in a group of people. These non-physical psychological and social qualities are obtained through environmental and social experience.

We all have different personalities because of where and how we grew up. Our way of thinking and behaviour constitute our personality. Every individual is embedded with a special quality that is affected positively or negatively by environmental and social factors. For example, a choleric who grew up in a strict home is likely to show ambition, stubbornness, love of work, and courage.

Most times, people look for partners with similar personalities in romantic relationships. It is not a bad idea but remember that no one is like you and no one can ever be like you. In romantic relationships partners have the chance to study each other’s characters.

Personality difference causes breakups in relationships if both partners do not have a clear understanding of their unique characters. Breakups may also be as a result of a partner or both partners feeling uncomfortable while adjusting to a partner’s behaviour.

2. Inadequate Time Spent Together:

It is said that the more you spend time with someone the more you know them. Spending ample time with your partner allows you to know each other better. Inadequate time spent together can make a relationship weak and lead to a break-up in the long run.

Busy schedules are the basis of insufficient time spent with a partner. In romantic relationships, many people desire attention and care than other valuables.

A physical survey conducted by Dembe Publications proves that people value the time they spend with their loved ones. The statistics show that inadequate time spent with a partner is one of the major causes of breakups.

3. Low Sexual Satisfaction:

Sexual satisfaction is also a fundamental reason why many people get into romantic relationships. More than three quarter (3/4) of men go into romantic relationships because of their sexual needs. Study shows that men outweigh women in the seek for sexual pleasure when it comes to relationships.

Many relationships break up if a partner or both partners are not satisfied with their sexual life. This breakup is usually caused by women. Private research shows that many women break up with their husbands or boyfriends because of dissatisfaction in the bed. Though many men go to be satisfied sexually, women are more sensitive when it comes to sexual related issues.

4. Cheating:

This is a dominant cause of breakup in relationships. This usually occurs when couples are not content with each other and decides to seek pleasure elsewhere. This is common with would-be couples and boyfriend girlfriend relationships.

There is no such thing as a perfect match. It is just a phrase used in the affairs of love. Many people break up because they perceive a third party as better than their partner. This feeling lands them in a new romantic bond and leads to a break-up if the other partner finds out that he or she is not worth it.

5. Lack Of Communication:

Communication is a medium for a prosperous bond between two or more people. When communication breaks, there is a rapid dissociation of parties involved. Communication can build or break a relationship depending on how it is done.

Poor communication in romantic relationships are unhealthy and may shatter the union. Irregular calling and texting may separate partners when not addressed. Many may communicate regularly but will break the relationship if the procedure of communication is embarrassing.

6. Lack of Trust:

Trust issues may seem ordinary but it’s a silent killer of relationships. If both partners are not reliable, then there is no hope for a better future. There is insecurity in a relationship without trust. This self-doubt may rise emotions and cause a stir in romantic relationships. It may eventually lead to a breakup.

7. Lack Of Support:

Support with regards to romantic relationships may be in different aspects. It can be academic support, economic support, sports and exercise support, emotional and psychological support.

Many breakups are a result of a lack of support for each other in terms of need. Your partner may say bye if you are not supportive in any way to him or her. Lack of support may lead to frequent nagging which may result in separation of parties involved if not dealt with.

8. Different Relationship Goals:

Everyone dates or marry because of a reason if not many. Aside from the known reasons for relationships, every individual has expectations in a relationship. People will walk out of a relationship if they discover that their reasons do not match that of their partner.

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How To Maintain A Healthy Romantic Relationship:

1. Communication:

To sustain a strong relationship, you have to communicate with your partner regularly in a good manner. Do not go a day without hearing from your partner. Unless otherwise there is absolute understanding. Always leave a text if you are too busy to call.

Make sure your partner has an outline of your daily schedule to enable him/her communicate to with you in your free time. This will avoid creating a disturbing environment for your partner. Let your communication be clear and simple.
With this, you have assured a quality relationship.

causes of breakup in relationship
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2. Expect Anything:

Expect anything from your partner being it positive or negative. You may not know everything about your partner even if you stay for a hundred years. People evolve and so do not overrate or underrate your partner.

You will only be surprised if you are not prepared to meet the unexpected. If you are attentive, handling unfamiliar issues becomes a bit easier. That doesn’t mean you should expect negativity often.

Remember that the universe gives people what they wish for regularly.

3. Gifts:

In a romantic relationship, little things matter. Shower your partner with gifts once in a while even if it’s little. People appreciate the little things you do for them. Learning how to give is a great way of enhancing your relationship with your partner. This should be mutual and not one-sided.

The biggest secret to winning a man’s heart is always not by a special recipe. Men admire women who give little things to them. Don’t be surprised if a man gives you a car after receiving a wristwatch from you. He wants to know that you care and will help him when he is in need.

4. Be Faithful And Trustworthy:

Be a loyal and reliable partner. Faithfulness and trust are the basis of a good relationship. Do not go into romantic relationships if you do not have these qualities. It will hurt you in the long run.

5. Appreciate Your Difference:

Realise that no one is a finished product. Everyone needs a bit of repair. Consider your differences as what makes you unique. Help each other overcome your weaknesses. Settle your differences in a way that will not result in a breakup.

6. Plan And Grow Together:

The success story of every great bond includes planning. Plan the future with your partner. Include each other in major decision-making processes. Always classify your lover as a complete partner who has a share in whatever you do.

7. Improve Your Sexual Life:

Enhancing your sexual abilities is a way you can strengthen your relationship. Be romantic and easy-going. Make romance a choice, not a demand. Do it because you want to not because you have to. A great sexual experience can keep the relationship moving.

8. Spend Time Together:

Make sure you spend sufficient time with your partner. This will allow you to know him or her better. Do things together when you meet. Let each other feel at home. Speak of your strengths and weaknesses and work on them while together.

causes of breakup in relationship
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9. Tolerance Of Physical Change:

Help your partner to enhance his/her physical change instead of speaking ill about it. If your girlfriend is growing fat, consider helping her with a workout exercise. Control her diet if necessary.

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Kindly share your thoughts and experience about a breakup with us.

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