The 4 Types Of Learning Styles Or Methods You Never Knew

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The 4 Types Of Learning Styles Or Methods You Never Knew.


The role of education in our lives is very important. ‘Teaching’ and ‘Learning’ involves more than we can ever imagine. These fields of education are broad and need years of study to understand how they work. Teaching can be done through many methods just as learning.

In many cases, ‘teaching styles’ are given more attention than ‘learning styles’. During the education process, we notice that teachers often change their approach towards teaching to ensure maximum performance.

Have you ever wondered why students perform low, as a teacher? If yes, then consider understanding the learning styles of the students. To instruct a learner, you have to know how they absorb information.

Educators must know each learners way of assimilating information in other to suggest a teaching technique. There are many types of learning styles used by various students in the education process.

The 4 Types Of Learning Styles Or Methods You Never Knew
The 4 Types Of Learning Styles Or Methods You Never Knew.

Every student has at least one learning style. Research shows that 50 to 70 per cent of all students have two or more learning styles.

In this article, we will dive more into ‘learning styles’ as one of the major factors affecting all forms of education. We shall look at four major learning styles in the education process. The ‘Visual Learning Style’, ‘Auditory Learning Style’, ‘Reading and Writing Style’ and ‘Kinesthetic Learning Style’. (1√)

Learning styles are naturally endowed in every individual and that is what makes them special learners. They can also be adopted because of environmental, physical or social factors. Pupils can also be trained to engage in a particular style of learning.

To know your style of learning, you have to try all the learning styles. You will notice that you can use two or even more. It is possible to blend the styles of learning to achieve higher academic goals. Study shows that learners with all the learning styles are highly intelligent and academically good.

The 4 Types Of Learning Styles

1. Visual Learning Style:

In this type of learning method, pupils use Images, graphics, maps, and paintings to communicate ideas. This is one of the learning styles which is seen in students who are fond of art.

The 4 Types Of Learning Styles Or Methods You Never Knew
Visual learner painting. [Photo credit: Preset Pacesetters SHS]

Students who use this learning technique understands data when they are displayed in diagrams. Visual learners are good at drawing and labelling diagrams. They can reproduce whatever they learn in a form of images or maps.

These learners assimilate information in a video form faster. They are good at following online video tutorials to fulfil their daily tasks. A typical visual learner after watching the news will want to see videos of the topic discussed. That is the only way they can understand what happened.

Video tutorial is best absorbed by pupils who use both visual and audio learning styles. In a learning environment, visual learners will prefer watching plays about a topic to be able to understand it. A lesson without images, graphics or maps are incomplete for these type of learners.

The 4 Types Of Learning Styles Or Methods You Never Knew
Visual learner practising painting during leisure time. [Photo credit: Preset Pacesetters SHS]

These students excel in courses related to painting, theatre arts and videography. They spend their leisure drawing, painting or watching movies.

Research shows that many visual learners can adapt to auditory learning quickly than other methods of learning.

2. Auditory Learning Style:

In this type of learning, students learn through listening. Pupils with this ability are mostly classified as good listeners. They easily absorb knowledge by listening to a recorded voice or a speech directly. In other for such a learner to reproduce meaningful information, they have to listen attentively to an instructor.

Auditory learners usually need a conducive environment when picking information for academic purposes. They are usually quiet types of people who choose who or what to listen to at a particular time. These types of learners are calm in a learning environment and will listen more than they may say.

The 4 Types Of Learning Styles Or Methods You Never Knew
An African child engaged in radio learning. [Photo Credit: UNICEF USA]

In 1937, in Chicago, audio learning was introduced in the era of a dangerous virus that had no cure. Students were compelled to learn using an auditory learning style. ‘Radio learning’ was then introduced, where teachers deliver lessons to pupils through a radio set.

Research by UNICEF USA on 4th February 2021 shows that 2.5 million Rwandan students do radio-based learning because of covid 19. This information was published by Emily Tang on the UNICEF USA official website. (2√)

The 4 Types Of Learning Styles Or Methods You Never Knew
Radio learning by an African student. [Photo Credit:]

Radio learning has solved part of the educational problems in the world amid the covid pandemic. Research shows that this type of learning will favour auditory learners more. Many students will have challenges in the beginning but will get used to them over time.

Students who use the auditory learning style are conversant with audiobooks. These types of learners adapt to reading and writing styles faster than other learning styles.

3. Reading and Writing Style:

In this type of learning, learners read and write down information to be able to learn it. Pupils who use this type of learning style are good readers. No matter how the information was given, they have to read to get it.

The 4 Types Of Learning Styles Or Methods You Never Knew
Reading and Writing Style of learning being practised by a student. [Preset Pacesetters SHS]

A larger number of students in Africa fall under this classification. This is because of the method of teaching used. More writing and reading is involved in the education process hence making the majority readers.

They are book lovers and do well in fields like writing and journalism. Readers are familiar with hard copies and online reading.

Students who use the reading and writing style easily adapts to audio learning. They sometimes listen and write instead of copying from a different source.

4. Kinesthetic Learning Style:

In this type of learning, the learner prefers hands-on participation in lessons to achieve the best results. These types of learners are practical oriented. They want to be in motion during lessons. A lesson without action is a boring one for a kinesthetic learner.

The 4 Types Of Learning Styles Or Methods You Never Knew
Hands-on lessons

They are applicable for vocational and technical institutions. They are more interested in assembling, fixing and repairing than reading, listening or writing.

They adapt to visual learning styles faster than the other types of learning. This is because they need to watch an image, a map or a video before they try their hands on anything.


It is good to explore other types of learning styles to know your weaknesses and strength in academics or a professional field. Knowing the type of learning style that fits you can help you in choosing a field of study and sometimes a career.

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