6 Health Benefits Of Turkey berry (Solanum Torvum)

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6 Health Benefits Of Turkey berry (Solanum Torvum).

Brief History Of Turkey Berry:

Turkey berry is a bushy and spiny perennial plant that grows well in sunny and temperate regions. It is used as a rootstock for eggplant in horticulture. Turkey berry grows in many parts of the world including the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Pacific Islands.

Other names for turkey berry is devil’s fig, pea eggplant, cucumber, and shoo shoo bush. In Ghana, it is called ‘Abedru’ or ‘Kantose’. Turkey berry is referred to as ‘Solanum torvum’ scientifically.

6 Health Benefits Of Turkey berry (Solanum Torvum)
Fresh Turkey berry

Uses Of Turkey berry (Solanum torvum):

Turkey berry has been used as a local remedy for the treatment of many ailments over the years. Almost all the parts of the turkey berry plant are used for medicinal purpose. It is one of the popular local remedies in Africa.

The fruits of Solanum torvum is used for the preparation of food. In many African nations, it is cooked and used for soup or stew. In other continents, it is fried and added to other foods as a recipe. The roots, stem and leaves are usually consumed as powder or tea. (1)

6 Health Benefits Of Turkey berry (Solanum Torvum)
Pea eggplant

Nutrients In Turkey berry(Solanum torvum):

Turkey berry is endowed with many nutrients that help fight infections and diseases. Its nutrients include Vitamin A and C, Iron, Calcium, Protein, Phosphorus and Carotenoids.

Health Benefits Of Turkey Berry (Solanum Torvum):

1. Immune Booster: 

Turkey berry is one of the popular homemade immune boosters that has been used for many years. It is suitable in most unhealthy conditions. Solanum torvum is considered a general immune booster because of its numerous nutrients.

For a strong immune system, turkey berry leaves are boiled and used as tea. It is appropriate if taken in the morning or evening. The tea can be taken two to three times a week to strengthen the immune system.

2. It Treats Anaemia:

Anaemia is a lack of iron in the blood. It carries along with symptoms like fatigue, depression, headaches, dizziness and migraines.

Turkey berry is rich in iron and helps replenish anaemia patients. It gets rid of anaemia signs to keep the body functioning normally.

3. Helps To Treat Malaria:

Turkey berry helps in the combat against malaria. It boosts the working rate of herbal antimalarial medicines due to their antioxidant properties.

Solanum torvum is used to prepare food for malaria patients. In other African countries, its leaves are boiled as a tea for people recovering from malaria. (2)

6 Health Benefits Of Turkey berry (Solanum Torvum)
Turkey berry

4. Improves Heart Health:

Solanum torvum improves the functioning of the heart. It improves blood circulation in the entire human body hence improving general heart health. Turkey berry has properties that allow blood to flow smoothly from the heart to the lungs and vice versa.

The fruits or stems of turkey berry are cut into pieces and dried. It is then turned into powder. The powder is used in meals to boost heart functioning.

6 Health Benefits Of Turkey berry (Solanum Torvum)
Sun-dried turkey berry fruits.

5. Treats Blood Pressure:

Blood pressure is found in many adults around the world. Many laboratory medications are used to treat blood pressure and its related issues. There is always a herbal way for those who prefer it.

Turkey berry has properties that lower blood pressure. Patients with blood pressure are encouraged to take the right proportion of foods that are made with turkey berry. It is one of the herbal ways of solving high blood pressure.

6 Health Benefits Of Turkey berry (Solanum Torvum)
Meal prepared with fresh turkey berry fruit.

Victims of high blood pressure should take turkey berry tea before bed. This should be done with the help of a professional herbalist.

Also, patients with low blood pressure are advised to take turkey berry only under the supervision of a professional health practitioner.

6. Improves Eye Health:

The presence of vitamin A in turkey berry helps to improve eye health. It has been proven as a local way of improving eyesight in areas with poor health care.

Patients with eye problems are encouraged to take meals prepared with turkey berry. It is best consumed when used for palm nut soup. Palm fruits also have Vitamin A in them which helps to boost eye health.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. Seek the help of a professional health practitioner before trying any of the above.


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